Tuesday's News & Ideas - 8/4/2020

  • Tale of two CA megachurches
  • Budde on Bible photo-op
  • NY church allocates reparations
  • Religious groups relief funding
  • Colleges seek waivers from students
  • The pandemic defeated America

How two California megachurches kept worshiping
Christianity Today: John MacArthur takes a stand against regulations, while Greg Laurie finds creative ways to comply

I condemned Trump’s Bible photo-op and went viral. Here’s what that moment taught me.
HuffPost: “It seemed to others that I was being brave. It felt more like I was being summoned to stand with others who were being brave,” Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde writes.

New York church to devote $200,000 to ‘reparations’ with housing help, anti-racism training
Religion News Service: A historic New York City church has decided to devote $200,000 -- about a tenth of its budget -- to provide housing assistance and youth anti-racism training.

Religious groups received $6-10 Billion in COVID-19 relief funds, hope for more
NPR: In a new report released this week, Ministry Watch identified more than 400 evangelical ministries and churches that each received at least $1 million in COVID-19 aid, with seven institutions receiving PPP loans of $5-10 million.

Colleges seek waivers from risk-taking students
Inside Higher Ed: As fall semester approaches, students are increasingly opposing liability waivers and “informed consent” agreements required by colleges as a condition of returning to campus.

The Spark

How the pandemic defeated America
The coronavirus found, exploited, and widened every inequity that the U.S. had to offer, Ed Yong writes at The Atlantic.

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