Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • It's not the Internet
  • Lessons from Gethsemane
  • Easter vocation
  • Church collapses
  • The vicar's wife speaks
  • Grapes of Wrath @ 75

The Internet is not killing religion, religion is killing religionReligion Dispatches: Instead of asking why people aren't religiously affiliated anymore, we might ask why they ever were.Salon: Turn off your iPad in church!

What Gethsemane teaches us about sufferingReligion News Service: At this grave moment in the life of Christ, we are invited to learn more about Jesus of Nazareth, about God, and about ourselves, Fr. James Martin says.

Easter vocation: I have seen the LordWashington Institute for Faith, Vocation & Culture: What do you do when your dreams die? The dreams that have given meaning and purpose to your identity -- what do you do then?

119-year old St. Louis church collapsesSt. Louis Post-Dispatch: Vacant since 1995, the old church next door had been crumbling for years and was condemned by the city last June.

What I'm really thinking: the vicar's wifeThe (London) Guardian: "I didn't sign up for this," an anonymous vicar's wife says.

The Spark

'Grapes of Wrath' is 75, but its depictions of poverty are timelessSeventy-five years later, The Grapes of Wrath still isn't universally loved -- it remains one of the most frequently banned books in this country. But, as NPR reports, it's also a powerful reminder of a past that no one really wants to see repeated.

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