Tuesday's News & Ideas - 9/17/2019

  • Abuse & church giving
  • Holy Land church uncovered
  • 20 years after church massacre
  • Changing school integration
  • Viking treasure on church land
  • Kanye spirituality

Abuse crisis, leadership failure seen having impact on church giving
Crux: There is growing evidence that more Catholics across the country are deciding not to contribute to their bishops’ diocesan appeals because of the scandals.

Archaeologists uncover mosaic floor from 5th century church near Sea of Galilee
Religion News Service: A fire that destroyed an ancient Holy Land church near the Sea of Galilee around 700 CE appears to have preserved the church’s beautiful mosaic floor.

20 years after church massacre, Fort Worth's Wedgwood Baptist hopes to be ‘known for more’*
Dallas Morning News: A gunman killed seven people and injured seven more at Wedgwood Baptist Church on Sept. 15, 1999. On Sunday, the church held a memorial service in which victims' family members spoke about their grief and healing.

The changing face of school integration*
Washington Post: Millions more American children are attending school with students of other races, even as many urban schools remain deeply segregated.

Church of Scotland sues for share of $2.5 million Viking treasure trove unearthed on church land
CNN: An agreement had been made to split the proceeds of the hoard between the church and the finder of the treasure, which was ultimately never honored.

The Spark

Kanye West, ‘Jesus Is King,’ and the unspoken bipolarism in between
Kiana Fitzgerald writes in Vibe about why Kanye might be so dedicated to spirituality.

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