Tuesday's News & Ideas - 9/22/2020

  • Liberal congregations politically active
  • Religious Right transformed SCOTUS
  • Trauma-informed ministry
  • German Catholics downsizing
  • Civil rights hero & pastor dies
  • Pandemic & public shaming

Study: Liberal congregations more politically active than conservative ones
Religion News Service: A new study of 1,262 congregations across the United States shows it is liberal congregations, and particularly Black churches, that have become substantially more engaged in political activity compared to their conservative counterparts.

How the Religious Right has transformed the Supreme Court*
The New York Times: The Roberts court has used the First Amendment to advance conservative Christian values.

Four ways faith leaders can shift to trauma-informed ministry*
Christian Century: When everyone is traumatized, caregiving takes on new dimensions.

German Catholic Church is losing priests and parishes
DW: Cologne’s Archdiocese is Germany’s largest and one of the world’s richest but plans to reduce its parishes from about 500 to 50 by 2030.

Robert Graetz, only white pastor to back Montgomery bus boycott, dies at 92
NPR: The Rev. Robert Graetz answered a call to serve a majority Black congregation in Montgomery, Ala., in 1955.

The Spark

The public-shaming pandemic
Public shaming used to take place in the public square. Today, people are scorned* online, The New Yorker says.

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