Tuesday's News & Ideas - 9/24/2019

  • Relevant CEO ‘steps away’
  • Vatican intervenes with Jesuit HS
  • Sexual harassment at seminary
  • God & socialism
  • Christianity & SCOTUS
  • Math blackboards

Relevant magazine founder ‘stepping away’ from role
Religion News Service: Relevant founder Cameron Strang announced his leave of absence in a post published on the magazine’s website on Monday afternoon.

Sanctions against Brebeuf Jesuit suspended as appeal process continues at Vatican
America: In June, the Society of Jesus announced that Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School could no longer call itself Catholic after administrators had declined his request to terminate a male teacher who is married to another man.

Notre Dame releases study on sexual harassment among U.S. seminarians
Crux: The University of Notre Dame released a groundbreaking report that looked at sexual harassment in U.S. Catholic seminaries, revealing that 6 percent of seminarians reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment or misconduct, while 90 percent reported none.

Either this world or the next*
The Nation: Does one need to give up God to embrace socialism?

Christianity at the Supreme Court: From majority power to minority rights
The Conversation: In the last decade, the reversal of power between religious and secular sides of American culture created a new self-perception among Christians as a distinct minority group.

The Spark

Where theory meets chalk, dust flies
A photo survey of the blackboards of mathematicians* from The New York Times.

*access is limited for nonsubscribers

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