Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Virtual ministers for the Church of Scotland?
  • Grownups don't like the church's rituals. Kids should love them.
  • What actual effect does Harvard have on 'the best and the brightest'?

Kirk considers virtual ministersBBC: The Church of Scotland is planning to use virtual ministers in an attempt to combat a shortage of full-time clergy.

Bishops roll back wages in sign of sacrificeUnited Methodist News Service: United Methodist bishops vote to roll back salaries to 2008 levels.

Take your kid to church. She might even like itSlate: Children like ritual, repeated the same way every time, and if there's anything congregations have . . .

ELCA pastors, family tale, lead to motion pictureELCA News Service: Movie to depict legendary Tenn. funeral for a man who “Just wanted to hear what the preacher has to say about me while I am alive.”

The Spark

The had it made

In the late 1930s, a group of 268 promising young men entered Harvard College. Bright, polished, affluent and ambitious, they had it made by any normal measure. And yet, their lives played out in ways that would defy any imagination save Dostoyevsky’s, says David Brooks of the New York Times. A famous study that followed them across their lives suggests a complexity to human affairs before which science and analysis simply stands mute.