Wednesday's News & Ideas - 10/14/2020

  • SBTS keeps slaveholder names
  • Unofficial ballot box at CA church
  • Vatican trial for sex abuse
  • Dementia deaths rise
  • Millennial beatified
  • Long-distance emotional support

SBC seminary votes to retain slaveholders’ names on buildings
Religion News Service: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr. said: “Our task is to honor the saintly without condoning, hiding, or denying the sinful.”

A California pastor encouraged parishioners to use an unauthorized GOP ballot drop box at his church
CNN: Jerry Cook, the lead pastor of Freedom's Way Baptist Church in Santa Clarita, said in a sermon on Sunday that there was “no problem” with the unofficial ballot box, though several California state authorities have called it and others like it misleading and illegal.

Vatican trial for sex abuse in pope’s youth seminary opens
Associated Press: For the first time, a clergy sex abuse trial opened Wednesday in the Vatican’s criminal tribunal, with one priest accused of molesting an altar boy in the Vatican’s youth seminary and another priest accused of covering it up.

Dementia deaths rise during the summer of COVID, leading to concern
The Conversation: Deaths from dementia during the summer of 2020 are nearly 20% higher than the number of dementia-related deaths during that time in previous years, and experts don’t yet know why.

Beatified millennial: Pope sets late tech whiz on path to sainthood
The Guardian: Carlo Acutis helped spread Catholic teaching online before his death aged 15 in 2006.

The Spark

Don’t grieve alone. Reach out.
Finding emotional support* during a crisis often means turning to long-established networks already built for distance, The New York Times says.

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