Wednesday's News & Ideas - 10/30/2019

  • World's most influential Bible study teacher
  • Latinos lead climate advocacy
  • Fuller calls off move
  • Day of the Dead is not Halloween
  • Meetings are terrible
  • More than the skin on her face

How the Trump Cabinet’s Bible teacher became a shadow diplomat*
New York Times: Ralph Drollinger leads perhaps the most influential small-group Bible study in the world. The biblical separation of church and state, on Drollinger’s reading, leaves a window open for instructing politicians on God’s expectations and demands. “Institutional separation does not imply influential separation,” is how he puts it.

Latinos on the front lines of climate change advocacy
Evangelicals for Social Action: A study done by Yale University found that Latinos in the United States are more likely than the rest of the U.S. population to report experiencing impacts of climate change. Personal experience is one reason so many Latinos are leading the way in climate change advocacy. 

Fuller Seminary calls off move to Pomona, citing restrictions on Pasadena property
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin: Fuller Theological Seminary will not leave its Pasadena campus to move to Pomona. President Mark Labberton cited dramatically escalated construction costs in Southern California, and differences with the city of Pasadena that affected the sale and sale price of the existing campus.

Day of the Dead: From Aztec goddess worship to modern Mexican celebration
Religion News Service: Given the timing, it may be tempting to equate Day of the Dead with Halloween. But while Halloween has its origins in Christian tradition, Day of the Dead has indigenous roots as a celebration of the Aztec goddess of death.

Meetings are terrible. Can an elite team fix that?
BBC: Surgeons, ex-special forces, NBA coaches: can some of the best minds in human performance come up with a plan to make business meetings better?

The Spark

I never wanted my hemangioma to define me
Journalist Emily Weitz looks back at a childhood filled with surgeries, harsh stares, and proving she was more than just the skin on her face.

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