Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Fr. Martin on Jesus
  • Freeing the parables
  • Jews & Millennials
  • Baptists & Millennials
  • Pope Francis' enemies list?
  • Embracing autumn

10 things I wish everyone knew about JesusOn Faith: Fr. James Martin, SJ, on what he wishes everyone knew about Jesus.

Author frees Jesus' stories to be read as living, vibrant textsNational Catholic Reporter: Amy Jill-Levine's new book not only frees the parables from their customary readings, but also convincingly argues that the parables are gloriously open-ended, impossible to pin down, and therefore living, vibrant texts.

Jews in Middle America fret about attracting MillennialsReligion News Service: Faced with an aging population and lack of engagement among young people, Jewish communities across the nation are ramping up efforts to recruit Jewish Millennials.

Church attracts Millennials, in part, by hiring themBaptist News Global: An American Baptist church in Boulder, Colo., was on the brink of closing when a radical redesign of worship, staff and social media presence created the conditions for "resurrection."

Does Pope Francis have an enemies list?Crux: Many Catholic conservatives and traditionalists these days are asking if the pontiff has an enemies list.

The Spark

Embracing autumn in the apple orchardThe other day, Casey N. Cep went apple picking with her family. At the orchard, she writes at Pacific Standard, she realized the importance of putting winter out of mind.

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