Wednesday's News & Ideas - 11/11/2020

  • The religious swing vote
  • Biden and Bennett shared faiths
  • Stop courting evangelicals
  • Religious life in prison during COVID
  • Sex abuse crisis is far from over
  • Teaching about race

How Biden swung the religious vote
Politico: Trump’s team thought religious-minded voters would save him in key states. They now appear to have turned away just enough for him to lose.

How Pres.-elect Joe Biden, late Utah Sen. Bob Bennett shared their religious faiths with each other
Deseret News: The late Utah Republican Sen. Bob Bennett and Democratic President-elect Joe Biden often exchanged religious books about their respective faiths when they served in the U.S. Senate together.

It’s time for Democrats to read the Bible verses on the wall and stop courting white evangelicals
Religion Dispatches: Despite the dozens of advocacy groups that have sprung up over the last few years to try and “peel off” white evangelicals, why have they, by and large, failed to move the needle in any significant way away from the GOP?

Anxiety, loneliness and spiritual isolation characterize life in prison during pandemic
Religion News Service: Religious practices of all sorts are fixtures of community for those inside -- and all have been stymied by the pandemic lockdowns.

The Catholic sex abuse crisis is far from over*
The New York Times: What can we learn about needed reforms from the Vatican’s damning report on the defrocked cardinal Theodore McCarrick?

The Spark

Teaching should be political
How to talk about race* in the classroom, according to The Atlantic.

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