Wednesday's News & Ideas - 11/20/2019

  • Church of Canada gone by 2040?
  • Priest killed in Syria by ISIS
  • Black churches go green
  • India’s Muslims
  • Religion in Bolivian unrest
  • Happiness psychology

Church of Canada may disappear by 2040, says new report
Religion News Service: The report, which was commissioned by the church, was delivered to the Council of General Synod meeting November 7-9 in Mississauga, Ontario.

A priest is killed as ISIS revives in Syria, and deadly protests continue in Iraq
America: Armed groups affiliated with ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, celebrating erroneously in a statement the killing of “two priests.”

Black churches join a green movement
Religion & Politics: The Green the Church Summit is aimed at promoting environmental justice and sustainability among black churches.

In secular India, it's getting tougher to be Muslim
CNN: India has a long history of sectarian violence, but over the past few years, there has been a rise in suspected hate crimes against Muslims, who make up roughly 200 million of the country’s 1.3 billion population.

Old religious tensions resurge in Bolivia after ouster of longtime indigenous leader
The Conversation: Invoking a Christian God as the source of political power, while commonplace in many countries, is a radical departure in Bolivia after Morales’ 14-year tenure.

The Spark

Happiness psychology is a booming industry. But is it science, religion, or something else?
According to Vox, the field of positive psychology has captivated the world with its hopeful promises for 20 years -- and drawn critics for its moralizing, mysticism, and serious commercialization.

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