Wednesday's News & Ideas - 11/4/2020

  • Religious voting trends
  • America is Roman empire
  • Faith leaders on England lockdown
  • Wilton Gregory interview
  • Mexico’s ‘bishop of the poor’ dies
  • Virus levels American dream

7 religious voter trends to look for on Election Day
Religion News Service: How and where faith-oriented voters could swing the vote.

In the story of the New Testament we are the Romans -- no matter who wins the election
Religion Dispatches: Like the Romans, we’re the ones who attempt to control various governmental states, either through foreign aid, monetary power, or threats of incursion and violence.

Faith leaders challenge England lockdown ban on communal worship
The Guardian: Letter to PM signed by senior religious figures says there is no scientific basis for ban in new coronavirus restrictions.

Archbishop Wilton Gregory says ‘carry on’ work for racial and societal justice
NPR: When Pope Francis named Archbishop Wilton Gregory as a future cardinal this week -- making him the first Black American appointed as one -- Gregory said he was “surprised” and “certainly deeply grateful.”

Mexico’s ‘bishop of the poor’ dies of COVID-19 complications
Crux: Retired Bishop Arturo Lona Reyes of Tehuantepec -- known as “bishop of the poor” and famed for promoting an indigenous church -- died Oct. 31.

The Spark

When the virus came for the American dream
Buford Highway,* in suburban Atlanta, has long been a place where immigrant entrepreneurs could build businesses and get ahead. Not this year, The New York Times says.

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