Wednesday's News & Ideas - 1/15/2020

  • Age of nones means doubt
  • Trump’s faithful
  • SCOTUS on birth control
  • Evangelical identity
  • Catholic Church shuffles money
  • Let’s read more fiction

The age of nones may favor churches that welcome doubters
Religion News Service: In 1990, just 1 in 20 adult Americans were not connected to a religious faith. Today, it’s closer to 1 in 4. The ripples of such a shift are still being sorted out by observers of American religion.

Trump’s faithful: 2020 tests his ties to white evangelicals
Associated Press: For all the focus it commands, uncertainty continues to surround Trump’s bond with a religious constituency that has long leaned GOP.

The coming Supreme Court showdown over birth control
Vox: Justice Scalia’s death delayed a reckoning. Now the fight over contraception is back.

Who is an evangelical? An interview with Thomas Kidd
Religion & Politics: Though associated with a particular brand of Christianity, evangelical is perhaps more popularly paired with conservative policy views, Republican registration, and an overwhelming whiteness.

Catholic Church moves funds around to shield $2 billion in assets from abuse victim settlements
National Review: As more victims of sexual abuse by priests sued various dioceses around the country, churches began transferring and reclassifying assets, and filing for bankruptcy.

The Spark

Let’s all read more fiction
Contemplative reading* might be viewed as a minor act of rebellion in the internet age, The Atlantic says.

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