Wednesday's News & Ideas - 11/6/2019

  • Tragedy for Mormon offshoot
  • Trump increases religiosity
  • Can empire die gracefully?
  • Need for Muslim scholars
  • America & income inequality
  • Reframing disability

Slain U.S. citizens were part of Mormon offshoot with sordid history
NBC: The nine U.S. citizens killed in a brutal ambush in Mexico belonged to a fundamentalist Mormon group that had been touched by cartel violence before.

Trump White House cranks religion to 11 as impeachment looms
ReWire News: Nixon asked people to pray for him and ended with “God bless America” to remind the nation that he was religious and therefore moral, and thus either innocent or deserving of forgiveness. Trump is doing the same.

The American empire is in decline -- and we’re not ready for what comes next
America: Is there an art of dying for empires, too? What if our political culture were to ask not just how we will cling to some version of greatness or be even greater, but how this country will enter its eventual post-great future?

US growth of Islam creates need for religious scholars
Religion News Service: An increasing number of U.S. Muslims want guidance from religious instructors who they can understand linguistically and culturally.

Is America ready to tackle economic inequality?
Fast Company: A crop of presidential candidates is pushing proposals aimed at Americans who work hard but feel they’re not getting their share of the pie.

The Spark

Stammer time
Like virtually all disabilities, stuttering has long been viewed through a medical lens -- as a pathology in search of neutralization. “Some of us, though, have been trying to flip the paradigm,” Barry Yeoman writes at The Baffler.

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