Wednesday's News & Ideas - 1/20/2021

  • Religion in Biden’s Cabinet
  • Oath with Biden’s family Bible
  • Trump’s new civil religion
  • Preaching & policy change
  • Homeschooling & radicalization
  • The miracle tree

In Biden’s Cabinet, Catholics and Jews dominate
Religion News Service: One group not represented in Biden’s Cabinet picks? White evangelicals, the group most loyal to President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden will swear his oath of office on a giant family Bible
HuffPost: The hefty, 127-year-old family heirloom that Biden will use at his inauguration has many important dates recorded inside.

Trump’s new civil religion*
The New York Times: The storming of the Capitol is a creation myth for a political movement.

It’s not enough to preach racial justice. We need to champion policy change.
Christianity Today: The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us to push past tweetable quotes and ‘big talk’ to practice true Christlike love.

Where were they radicalized? No answer is complete without addressing evangelical churches and schooling
Religion Dispatches: As the United States prepares for the end of a nightmarish one-term presidency that seemed to drag on forever, Americans continue to unpack the January 6 insurrection.

The Spark

Why droves of pilgrims trek to this tree in South Texas every year
Two decades ago, a woman bought a cutting from a nursery in the Rio Grande Valley. What grew* was much bigger than a tree, Texas Monthly says.

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