Wednesday's News & Ideas - 12/2/2020

  • Mental health in Black church
  • Mary’s prophetic politics
  • History of religion & archaeology
  • Latinx vote divided by religion
  • Rebuilding refugee ministries
  • Stained glass studio

Black churches enlist mental health pros to support community
CNN: As Black people face an onslaught of grief, stress and isolation triggered by a devastating pandemic and repeated instances of racial injustice, churches play a crucial role in addressing the mental health of their members and the greater community.

Mary’s song reveals her politics of mercy*
Christian Century: Jesus learned his prophetic ministry from his mother.

The complicated history of religion and archaeology
Discover Magazine: Religion was closely intertwined with archaeology in the early days of the science. But what happens when the relationship becomes too close?

Latino Protestants more conservative, supportive of Trump than Latino Catholics, poll finds
Religion News Service: ‘Religion is the largest demographic divider among Hispanic Americans,’ notes the Public Religion Research Institute analysis.

Refugee ministries hope to rebuild under Biden
Christianity Today: After drastic cuts over the past four years, they need to rally partners and volunteers to be ready for a jump in refugee admittance.

The Spark

The Munich atelier where stained glass comes to life
In a six-story building in the city’s center, Michael and Petra Mayer run -- and reside in -- one of the world’s oldest and most celebrated architectural glass and mosaic studios,* The New York Times says.

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