Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Cultivating call in Michigan
  • Welby's Prayer Breakfast speech
  • UMC & Sand Creek Massacre
  • West Bank farmer's peaceful resistance
  • Calvinism a movement of the mind
  • Facebook's lost generation of teens

In two Michigan villages, a higher calling is often heardThe New York Times: A rural patch of Clinton County, Michigan, offers a case study in the science and mystery of the call to priesthood.

'The global Church is a suffering Church' -- Justin Welby's parliamentary breakfast speechChristian Today: Justin Welby became the first Archbishop of Canterbury to address the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast, in an eloquent speech highlighting the key tenets of the modern church.

Bishop explores role of United Methodist Church in Sand Creek MassacreThe Denver Post: On this 150th anniversary of the massacre, the United Methodist Church is focused on setting the record straight.

The Christian family refusing to give up its Bethlehem hill farmBBC: Surrounded by Israeli settlements, a Palestinian Christian family that preaches non-violence from a farm in the West Bank is a living example of the idea of peaceful resistance.

The great Calvinist reawakeningReligion & Politics: American Calvinism has largely become a religion of books and beliefs. It is a movement of the mind.

The Spark

Understanding Facebook's lost generation of teensRyan Bradley of Fast Company magazine had one question for the teens exiting the store with phones in hand: "What's the first app you use?" None, out of many, many dozens, said Facebook.

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