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  • More Hobby Lobby
  • CT's young leaders
  • Mars Hill layoffs
  • Hitchens: last good American atheist
  • Jesus & gay people
  • 3 things you should know

Hobby Lobby: the real religious exemption fight is yet to comeBrookings: Love it or loathe it, the Hobby Lobby decision is limited in scope.Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser: We love religious freedom, if it's our religion

33 under 33Christianity Today: Meet the Christian leaders shaping the next generation of our faith.

Mars Hill megachurch lays off employees, makes intense appeals for moneySeattle Post-Intelligencier: Mars Hill Church has been forced to lay off staff due to what it calls "a tough season."

Christopher Hitchens: The last good American atheistAmerica: Sometimes, Sean Salai, S.J., prays for Christopher Hitchens to the God he said he never knew. Why Hitchens? Because he was the last good American atheist.

Who knows what Jesus thought about gay people? Yet he has come to embody compassionThe (London) Guardian: Elton John's remarks expose the paradox at the heart of the difficulties that Christians have with homosexuality.

The Spark

3 things everyone should know before growing upCommencement speeches are full of useful advice for the future. But what about the stuff you wish you'd been told long before graduation? At NPR, Tania Lombrozo offers three things she wishes she'd known in high school.

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