Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Church diversity vs. safety
  • Books on exodus from religion
  • Foley a martyr?
  • Pope as critic of capitalism
  • Driscoll & muscular Christianity
  • Rewiring your brain for happiness

Churches must provide a space where people are free to be themselvesReligion News Service: Phenomenon of monochromatic congregations is more than discomfort with diversity. It is also a search for safety.

Going, going, gone: Books study exodus from religionNational Catholic Reporter: The emerging adults portrayed in two recent books are entering a religious future that looks increasingly blurry, unpredictable and strange.

Is James Foley a martyr? A brutal death sparks a faith-based debateReligion News Service: Characterization of slain journalist as a martyr has left some uneasy, and the discussion is raising larger questions about what constitutes martyrdom.

The Guardian view on Pope Francis's seeming leftward lurchThe (London) Guardian: The pope is no Marxist, nor is he reviving 'liberation theology'. But he is determined to take a critical view of capitalism.

Blame muscular Christianity for Driscoll fiascoReligion Dispatches: Many of Mark Driscoll's actions are inseparable from the overall belief system behind it, which is largely shared among large swaths of evangelical Christianity.

The Spark

How to rewire your brain for greater happinessThe bad news: Our brains are wired to be negative, Fast Company reports. The good news: You can train your brain to hold on to happiness in 10 seconds.

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