Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Drop 'us vs. them'
  • Martians & the church's inclusiveness
  • Survey: 1/4 of world anti-Semitic
  • Christian bookstore trends
  • Muslim scare stories
  • Smile, don't stare

Pastor: Christians should drop 'us vs. them' mentalityReligion News Service: An interview with James Emery White, founding pastor of Mecklenburg Community Church and a former president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Pope Francis: Church would baptize aliensThe Daily Beast: In a quirky morning Mass, the pope used a far-out example of little green Martians seeking Jesus to preach about the church's inclusiveness.

Survey: One-quarter of the world harbors anti-Semitic sentimentReligion News Service: Global study finds that more than a quarter of the world's population harbors intense anti-Jewish sentiment, with region, more than religion, shaping people's view of Jews and Judaism.

Report finds conflicting trends at Christian bookstoresChristianity Today: Sales at Christian bookstores increased by almost 3 percent last year, though the Black Friday bump that saved 2012 failed to materialize again in 2013.

The random Muslim scare story generator: separating fact from fictionThe (London) Guardian: Ever noticed how often the same old stories keep appearing about Muslims in Britain? Here's the truth about these and other media myths.

The Spark

When approaching a child with a disability, the best policy is 'Smile, Don't Stare'A D.C.-area nonprofit that supports people with disabilities and their families, launched a campaign last week to educate the public on how to treat children (and adults) with disabilities, the Washington Post reports. It's called "Smile, Don't Stare."

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