Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Immigrant oasis in Texas
  • Hot Florida property: churches
  • Leadership culture
  • HBO's The Leftovers
  • Catholic Worker House donations
  • Lego, a gender battleground

Texas church becomes oasis for Central American migrants, their childrenNational Geographic: Sacred Heart Catholic Church in McAllen has aided more than 5,000 migrants this summer.

From church to condos: investors turn to religion to find land for developmentDaily Business Review (South Florida): The newest frontier for real estate developers? Churches.

3 reasons we shouldn't reject leadership cultureChristianity Today: Don't get sick of leadership development. It's important, and it's biblical.

Finally, a TV show that truly takes religion seriouslyNew Republic: HBO drama, "The Leftovers," asks the question, what would have to happen for us to take religion seriously again? And would the world be better off if we did?

After archdiocese's grant withdrawal, Cincinnati Catholic Worker raises more than $9,500National Catholic Reporter: Donations flood in after the Cincinnati archdiocese withdrew $1,000 in grant money because woman priest was holding a service at Catholic Worker House.

The Spark

How did Lego become a gender battleground?Three new Lego figures -- all female scientists -- have been unveiled, BBC magazine reports. But why does the toymaker's portrayal of women provoke such controversy?

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