Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Daystar Church
  • Trinity Wall Street vs. Wal-Mart
  • Sex & Christian adolescence
  • Laywomen to head Jesuit college
  • UMC condition 'untenable'?
  • More phones!!!

Can a television network be a church? The IRS says yesNPR: Daystar calls itself the fastest growing Christian television network in the world. The Internal Revenue Service considers Daystar something else: a church.

Wal-Mart guns, music sales attacked in church's lawsuitBloomberg: Wal-Mart's sale of sexually charged music and high-capacity weapons hurts the company's image, Trinity Wall Street contends in shareholder lawsuit.

Sex and the never-ending Christian adolescenceReligion News Service: Here we are -- we Christians seeking hope, grace, mercy and purpose, we believers in a God of justice -- treating our faith as an endless adolescence centered around sex.

Jesuit school in Syracuse to appoint laywoman as president, a firstReligion News Service: Le Moyne College appears poised to make history by appointing the first laywoman to head a U.S. Jesuit college or university.

Good News releases statement calling the present state of the UMC as "untenable"United Methodist Reporter: Good News, the independent evangelical United Methodist organization, says the current situation of the UMC is "untenable."

The Spark

People for whom one cellphone isn't enoughWith work and home lives more intertwined than ever, some people are trying to maintain a clear line between the two by carrying two cellphones, the Wall Street Journal reports. With pictures of the children on one device and emails to the boss on the other, having two phones creates an extra layer of privacy.

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