Wednesday's News & Ideas - 1/8/2020

  • Iranian cultural sites
  • Decolonizing Christ
  • Second student sues Fuller
  • Misuse of religion is American
  • Ministers struggle with own grief
  • TS Eliot letters and #MeToo

Iranian cultural sites include landmarks important to Jews and Christians, too
Religion News Service: When President Donald Trump tweeted about the possibility of retaliatory strikes on “52 Iranian sites,” including some that are important to “the Iranian culture,” the world reacted with alarm.

Decolonising Jesus Christ
Al Jazeera: The figure of Jesus Christ goes way beyond the image of him which hegemonic European Christianity imposed on the world.

Second expelled student sues Fuller for LGBT discrimination
Christianity Today: Another plaintiff joins lawsuit with request for more than $1 million.

Evangelicals using religion for political gain is nothing new. It is a US tradition.
The Guardian: No one who has read US history can be surprised by the hypocrisy of Evangelicals for Trump but it also tells us how their undoing will inevitably come.

Why neither seminary nor pastoral experience prepares ministers for (their own) grief
Baptist News Global: When it comes to suffering loss in their own circles, a pastor’s training, experience and intuition can simply evaporate.

The Spark

May T.S. Eliot letters send an overdue #MeToo message
Newly unsealed letters tell of a man who cannot believe that a woman has the temerity to challenge his version of the story of his life, Rafia Zakaria writes at CNN.

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