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  • Mars Hill, rebuild or close
  • UK Methodists crumbling
  • A prisoner's beard
  • Cho: overrated generation
  • Calvary review
  • Medicine in a mid-life crisis

Mars Hill Bellevue pastor: Rebuild from 'top down' or shut the doorsSeattle Post-Intelligencier: Mars Hill Church must face up to its problems "without excuse" and rebuild "from the top down" or turn out the lights and lock the doors, Mars Hill Bellevue's pastor says.

Methodists in England 'like an iceberg … crumbling into the sea'Religion News Service: The Methodist Church in Britain is hemorrhaging members and has been described as "a bit like an iceberg that's just crumbling into the sea."

A prisoner's beard offers the next test of religious liberty for the Supreme CourtThe New York Times: When the Supreme Court comes back from its summer break next month, it will pick up where it left off, returning to the subject of religious freedom. But the court's focus will shift from corporations to prisoners.

Pastor Eugene Cho: this generation may be "most overrated in human history"Religion News Service: In his new book, "Overrated," Eugene Cho throws some powerful punches at American Christians.

"Calvary" ...a case of misplaced atonementDaily Episcopalian: "Calvary" should be seen by most anyone who has served in parish leadership, or been the recipient of or given pastoral care.

The Spark

Why doctors are sick of their professionDr. Sandeep Jauhar says his profession is in a sort of midlife crisis. Writing in the Wall Street Journal, he says American physicians are increasingly unhappy with their once-vaunted profession, and that malaise is bad for their patients.

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