Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • What's a seminary faculty?
  • Gay debate & evangelicals
  • Francis' new Vatican commission
  • Cheating in Dartmouth religion class
  • God & the Great War
  • Gray hair & silver linings

What is a seminary faculty?Patheos: The question may seem abstract, but an answer might go some way toward answering the questions about the mission of today's seminaries, Frederick Schmidt says.

Gay debate challenges traditional definitions of 'evangelical'Religion News Service: What can you believe about gays and still call yourself an evangelical? And who gets to decide?

Francis creates commission to hear clergy sexual abuse appealsNational Catholic Reporter: Pope Francis has created a new Vatican commission to hear appeals of priests and bishops accused of what the church considers grave crimes, such as sexual abuse of minors, wrongful use of the sacrament of penance, and ordination of women.

Dozens of students linked to cheating in religion classThe Dartmouth: Forty-three students may be implicated in an academic dishonesty case after religion professor Randall Balmer found a discrepancy between the number of students digitally submitting answers to in-class questions and the number of students actually present in class.

Viewpoint: Why God was not killed by the Great WarBBC: It's a popular belief that the slaughter of World War One led millions to turn away from religion. But that's not true, writes author Frank Cottrell Boyce.

The Spark

Gray hair and silver liningsFrank Bruni, the New York Times columnist, turned 50 the other day. But he got the gift that he most needed nearly two years ago, from a couple of strangers whom he never saw again.

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