Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • What the church needs to say
  • Cavalier attitude in archdiocese
  • It takes time
  • Climate change & the pulpit
  • Texas pastor's self-immolation
  • A boy's 3 scariest words

8 things the church needs to sayReligion News Service: If Christians stopped bickering about church, presenting sex as a first-order concern, telling other people how to lead their lives and lending our name to minor-league politicians, what would we have to say?

Insider: Archdiocese had 'cavalier attitude' about clergy abuse casesMinneapolis Star-Tribune: For lawsuit, whistleblower details archdiocese trouble in handling clergy abuse cases.

'It takes time': On the future shape of the Anglican churchAmerica: Sometimes the community itself comes to a decision about "ripeness" and takes its time to arrive at a deeper understanding and peace. This, too, can be the work of the Holy Spirit.

Taking to the pulpit against climate changeUSA Today: Efforts are underway to move the ecological discussion from its hot-button political and scientific moorings to one based on theological morality and the right thing to do

A Texas minister set himself on fire and died to 'inspire' justiceWashington Post: Friends and family find pastor's death tragic and puzzling. If anyone had done enough, it was Charles Moore.

The Spark

The 3 scariest words a boy can hearIt's rare that a man makes it through life without being told, at least once, "Be a man." To Joe Ehrmann, a former NFL defensive lineman and now a pastor, those are the three scariest words that a boy can hear.

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