Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Investing in neighborhoods
  • Internet explanation
  • Degree in debt
  • Seminary property plan controversy
  • What Fr. Van der Lugt stood for
  • Leaning out

Where is the church?Baltimore Sun: When it comes to investing in neighborhoods -- really investing -- where is the church?

Is the internet really killing religion in the US?The (London) Guardian: The number of Americans saying they have no religion has risen alongside internet usage -- but there is a simple explanation.

Graduating with a degree in debtCommonweal: Student loans and the high price of higher education.

Seminary property plan sparks concernRichmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch: It's not clear exactly what Union Presbyterian Seminary has planned for a 34-acre tract, but neighbors are planning for what to do next.

A truth worth witnessingThe Economist: It is worth thinking about what exactly Father van der Lugt stood for in war and peace.

The Spark

Leaning outBy intentionally taking a step back from a career she worked hard to start, Alice Dreger estimates she has cost her family $750,000. In Pacific-Standard magazine, she asks, was it worth it?

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