Wednesday's News & Ideas - 2/12/2020

  • Francis rejects married priests
  • Logsdon Seminary closing
  • Catholics on abuse database
  • Contemplative media studies
  • Salvaging a steeple
  • Jediism, a religion?

Pope Francis sets aside proposal on married priests*
The New York Times: The decision, in a letter on Catholic life in remote Amazon areas, is a victory for conservative forces who had warned that change there would put the church on a slippery slope.

Logsdon Seminary closure prompts mourning and protests
Baptist News Global: An announcement late Friday that Hardin-Simmons University is closing its Logsdon Seminary surprised faculty, raised questions and prompted protests from students, alumni and friends.

Why Catholics should welcome ProPublica’s clergy sex abuse database
America: Transparency can be hard to look at.

Learning to contemplate the news*
Tricycle: Contemplative media studies students learn how to reclaim their attention, and their compassion.

Salvaged Madison church steeple to live on in pieces of art
Associated Press: An artist hopes to bring continued life to part of the steeple that was salvaged from the 2005 fire that destroyed St. Raphael Cathedral in Madison’s Downtown.

The Spark

‘You have to face the darkness within you’: Meet the real-life Jedi knights
It started as an online prank, but Jediism now claims more UK adherents than Scientology, The Guardian says. But is it a religion, a philosophy -- or just a joke?

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