Wednesday's News & Ideas - 2/17/2021

  • The Black Church PBS series
  • Faith among Black Americans
  • Singer Carman dies
  • Courts think religion under siege
  • Psychology of leaving religion
  • Fixing Fair Housing Act

To understand America, you need to understand the Black Church
Time: The Black Church is as diverse as it is foundational to the African American experience, says Henry Louis Gates Jr.
PBS: The Black Church: Episode 1

Faith among Black Americans
Pew Research: Most Black worshippers attend predominantly Black congregations and see a role for religion in fighting racial injustice, but generational patterns are changing.
Associated Press: Survey: Black Americans attend church and pray more often

Died: Carman, Christian showman who topped charts with triumphant faith
Christianity Today: The singer of “Satan, Bite the Dust!” and “R.I.O.T. (Righteous Invasion of Truth)” believed in the power of celebrity and spectacle to draw people to Jesus.

Right-wing justices think religion is under siege. Will the full Supreme Court follow?
CNN: The Supreme Court has increasingly exempted religious believers from government regulations, and it is clear by their statements that individual justices on the right think religion is under siege in America.

Can you ever completely give up your religion?
Psychology Today: Comparing the formerly religious with those who never believed.

The Spark

America’s racist housing rules really can be fixed
More than 50 years after passage of the Fair Housing Act, it’s time to sue the suburbs, Vox says.

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