Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Marilynne Robinson's 'Lila'
  • Tensions at Episcopal seminary
  • Bart Campolo's deconversion
  • Renovation & sacred architecture
  • Next big religious freedom case
  • Revolution in the doctor's bag

Marilynne Robinson's 'Lila:' an exquisite novel of spiritual redemption and loveWashington Post: And now comes "Lila," the latest novel about the same few people in Gilead, Iowa, "the kind of town where dogs slept in the road."

Tensions at Episcopal Church's oldest seminary reflect larger crisis in future of theology schoolsReligion News Service: Dispute revives a long-standing debate about the future of General Theological Seminary and the larger question of how storied seminaries should adapt to the changing culture.

Deconversion: Some thoughts on Bart Campolo's departure from ChristianityChristianity Today: It might be good for us to consider what Bart Campolo's deconversion means, says Ed Stetzer -- not for him, but for us (and for me).

How lovely (again) is thy dwelling placeCrisis: More often than not, parishioners have not so much embraced modernism as tolerated it, but after all these years lay people don't want their churches to look and feel like casual living rooms or concert halls.

How serious is the Supreme Court about religious freedom?The Atlantic: A new case will test whether the justices' defense of conscience in Hobby Lobby applies to minority religions like Muslims, or just to Christians.

The Spark

An electronic revolution in the doctor's bagThe stethoscope revolutionized the way doctors interacted with their patients and became a symbol of the profession. Now that electronic alternatives are becoming a common sight on the wards, the BBC reports, maybe it's time to update our idea of what a doctor is for?

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