Wednesday's News & Ideas - 2/19/2020

  • SBC church expelled
  • Clergy stressors multiply
  • Religious leaders & census
  • Democrats’ first Jewish nominee?
  • Utah’s first Methodist church
  • We need more museums

Texas church with sex offender pastor first to be ousted from SBC under abuse reforms*
The Houston Chronicle: A Texas church pastored by a man who sexually abused two pre-teen girls is the first to be removed from the Southern Baptist Convention under new sex abuse reforms.

Stresses multiply for many US clergy: ‘We need help too’
Associated Press: There is introspection among clergy of many faiths across the United States as the age-old challenges of their ministries are deepened by many newly evolving stresses.

Listen: Amid census concerns, religious leaders asked to quell fears
NPR: The Census Bureau plans to rely on houses of worship to help promote participation. But some faith leaders are not sure how to address fear among their congregants on how census data could be misused.

Pride and peril as Democrats inch toward first Jewish nominee
Religion News Service: Going into Wednesday’s Democratic debate, Sen. Bernie Sanders and former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, both of whom are Jewish, occupy the top two spots in recent polling.

Small Utah community hopes to preserve historic Methodist Episcopal church built in 1870
Deseret News: The Methodist Episcopal church was constructed in 1870 and is said to be the first Methodist church in Utah.

The Spark

A museum of women’s history is long overdue -- and so are many others
We must change how a “grand narrative” is told in museums that purport to cover all of American history, CNN says.

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