Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Make room for young adults
  • More on UMC schism talk
  • Pope's prayer respite for Middle East
  • UMC death penalty protest
  • Drive-thru prayer
  • Fear of missing out

Got religion? How churches, mosques and synagogues can bring young people backFox News: If religious institutions are ever going to get young adults to return, the leadership will have to figure out a way to make them feel like their time and talents are needed.

United Methodist bishop says church schism not inevitableMilwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Wisconsin bishop disagrees with a national group of conservative clergy and theologians who believe the denomination is headed toward an inevitable schism.Mobile (Ala.) Press-Register: 'Our denomination is already a divided church': Coastal Alabama pastors react to call for United Methodist split

For Middle East, region of religious conflict, Pope suggests a respite in prayerThe New York Times: With gestures grand and intimate, Pope Francis managed to navigate one of the world's most complex political minefields and to escape the region without seeming to offend.

Methodist demonstrators protest death penalty billThe (Nashville) Tennesean: About 50 Methodist leaders and congregation members gathered to protest bill to allow the execution of death row prisoners by electric chair when lethal injection chemicals are not available.

Drive-thru at church: The easy-pray lanePhiladelphia Inquirer: Have it your way. No, not your fast-food burger. Your prayer.

The Spark

Escape from the matrixThe fear of missing out haunts our social networks and our real lives alike. But, but as Aeon magazine reports, there is a way to break free.

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