Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Europe, religion & politics
  • DH & decline of religion
  • UK divide on religion
  • Humor of John 23
  • More than authority
  • Price of peace: $9.46 trillion

Old world warsThe Economist, Erasmus blog: Europe, religion and politics.

If the Internet isn't killing religion, what is?Religion News Service: It would be more accurate to say that the American League's designated hitter rule caused religion's decline. Or maybe the "British invasion" in rock 'n' roll.

The UK is one of the most negative countries about religion in public lifeChristian Today: Although most people might want the UK to be known as a Christian country, opinion on the subject is closely divided in the population at large.

Jokes, quips, wisecracks: John XXIII lived with keen sense of humorCatholic News Service: Blessed John XXIII, who will be made a saint April 27, is remembered by many for his warmth, simplicity, social conscience and sense of humor.

To create change, leadership is more important than authorityHarvard Business blogs: It's not enough to get people to do what you want, they also have to want what you want -- or any change is bound to be short lived.

The Spark

How much is peace actually worth?Economists are not new to the study of war. Indeed, war is an ideal economics topic, Pacific Standard reports. It's very expensive, and the numbers can be easily counted and crunched. There is, however, a more challenging topic that has recently caught the eye of economists: peace.

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