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  • American Christianity in exile?
  • Robin Williams, RIP
  • Christianity in South Korea
  • Sinead O'Connor song
  • Cuban Catholics
  • Work better, work less

American Christianity in exile?Christian Century: The notion that American Christianity is in "exile" is a dubious and highly troubling premise.

Not a Hollywood ending: Robin Williams, RIPAmerica: As a star heads towards its demise, it begins to spew out elements that are themselves the building blocks of stars and life. People are not that different.

6 facts about South Korea's growing Christian populationPew Research: Here are six facts about Christianity in South Korea.

Sinead O'Connor's "Take Me to Church"Patheos: Sinead O'Connor is perhaps best known for ripping up the pope's picture on Saturday Night Live, but her latest song shows a realization of what church is for.

Cuban Catholics hope to build first new church since 1959 revolutionBBC: Cuba's Catholics say they need more places to worship.

The Spark

To work better, work lessToiling away for more hours diminishes productivity. So why, the Atlantic asks, do so many do it anyway?

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