Wednesday's News & Ideas - 2/6/2019

  • Traumatic religion
  • Northam not an outlier
  • Science can learn from religion
  • Pope acknowledges abuse of nuns
  • Dispute over West Bank artifacts
  • Subway philosophers

When religion leads to trauma
The New York Times: Some churches "weaponize scripture and religion to do very deep damage on the psyche," one pastor says.
The Philadelphia Inquirer: Her religion made her mental illness worse. Then it saved her.

Gov. Northam is not an outlier: American Christianity's tolerance for white supremacy
Baptist News Global: The deep and bitter truth exposed by Northam's situation is that white Christianity in America has long tolerated, and continues to be complicit in, the sin of white supremacy, says Wendell Griffen.

What science can learn from religion
The New York Times: Hostility toward spiritual traditions may be hampering empirical inquiry.
The Christian Century: Crossing the boundary between theology and science

Pope Francis acknowledges, for first time, sexual abuse of nuns by priests
NPR: In the wake of the #MeToo movement, the Roman Catholic Church is being forced to confront evidence that clergy have sexually abused nuns.

Search for undiscovered Dead Sea Scrolls reveals dispute over West Bank artifacts
Religion News Service: An architectural dig looking for Dead Sea Scrolls in the Qumran region has sparked a debate over ownership of artifacts from Israel's past.

The Spark

3 philosophers set up a booth on a street corner -- here's what people asked
Three philosophers put up a booth at the entrance to a New York City subway, so people could come to them with questions. As The Conversation reports, they got hit with some real zingers.

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