Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Welcoming youth
  • Corporations & religious rights
  • Templeton winner on faith & atheism
  • Seminary art sale?
  • Schaefer appeal
  • Kid thoughts

Best practices for engaging youthU.S. Catholic: Whether they come with tattoos and piercings or ponytails and polo shirts, youth deserve a warm welcome from the whole parish.

These claims shouldn't have a prayerLos Angeles Times: Two challenges to Obamacare on religious grounds would create a dangerous precedent.Religion News Service: Does Hobby Lobby have religious rights? The Supreme Court will decide

Why have you forsaken me? Five theses on faith and atheismAustralian Broadcasting Corporation: The struggle between faith and atheism is not between two teams. Rather, it runs through the heart of every human being, says Tomas Halik, Templeton Prize winner.

Seminary ponders selling its Eakins portraitsPhiladelphia Inquirer: Archdiocese of Philadelphia considering sale of seminary artworks as part of a strategy to find a way to maintain the school's core mission.

Methodist appeals body to hear case of Pa. pastor defrocked for son's gay weddingWashington Post: Pennsylvania Methodist Frank Schaefer will get an appeal hearing in June before a committee that has the power to reinstate him or call a new trial.

The Spark

Kids think the darndest thoughtsWhen you were growing up, did you believe something that you later learned -- as an adult -- wasn't true? NPR's protojournalist blog tossed that question to the Internet and more than 7,000 answers flooded in. Turns out, many people had endlessly entertaining thoughts as children .

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