Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Denominations & the local church
  • Rowan Williams on climate change
  • Big churches, big bucks
  • Christianity & hookup culture
  • Pastor with a punch
  • Mennonites of Bolivia

Denominational restructuring won't work; local churches must innovateReligion News Service: What can the "central office" do to stem the ebbing tide? What can national conventions and agencies do? Precious little, Tom Ehrich says.

Prophetic visions can rouse politicians from complacency to save the planetThe (London) Guardian: Obstacles to climate action are starting to crumble. Our leaders now have an opportunity to marry the moral and economic case, Rowan Williams says.

Big churches, big bucks: Southern senior pastors take top salariesReligion News Service: Large churches in the South tend to pay their senior pastors the highest salaries, a new survey finds.

When 'do unto others' meets hookup cultureThe Atlantic: How Christians could talk to America about sex.

Pastor with a punchThe New York Times: In this short documentary, a pastor runs a "fight ministry" out of his church in Rochester, N.Y.

The Spark

The Mennonites of BoliviaIn some parts of the world, The (London) Guardian reports, the Mennonite way of life remains essentially unchanged, with members choosing to live in isolated farming communities and remaining fiercely protective of their privacy. Photographer Jordi Busqué's award-winning portfolio, The Mennonites of Bolivia, documents the lives of the Mennonites in eastern Bolivia.

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