Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Ordination in the hinterlands
  • Meet the 'dones'
  • Goodbye, Anglican Communion?
  • Christmas, commerce & religion
  • Evangelicals @ Vatican conference
  • Murky work day boundaries

Called to ordination in the hinterlands of the HolyDaily Episcopalian: Residential seminary experience may be the norm in clergy formation, but it's equally as important that some be formed in the border country.

You've met the 'nones.' Now meet the 'dones.'Baptist News Global: The 'dones' are those Christians who consider themselves faithful to God but are turned off by the institutional aspects of church -- and they just quit going.

Hello ladies, goodbye Communion?The Economist: This week was the moment when the archbishop of Canterbury finally acknowledged that the Anglican Communion may be impossible to hold together.

Can commerce and religion go their separate ways this Christmas?Religion News Service: Maybe it's good that commerce has declared its independence from religion. That clears the way for faith to have its parallel season -- not in competition with commerce, but as the deeper reality that commerce can never attain.

Sexual revolution is destroying families, Russell Moore tells Vatican conferenceReligion News Service: Prominent U.S. evangelicals Russell Moore and Rick Warren blasted the sexual revolution at a Vatican conference Tuesday and said it is destroying the institution of marriage.

The Spark

The murky boundaries of the modern work dayThe boundaries between work and home today are difficult to navigate. As the Atlantic reports, Americans don't seem to mind long hours that blur the lines between professional and personal life, but they do mind the inability to control their schedules.

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