Wednesday's News & Ideas - 3/11/2020

  • Pastoral guide for coronavirus
  • US universities go online
  • Turmoil in SBC
  • Bread for the World president
  • Church flip-flops on inclusion
  • Viral language

10 guidelines for pastoral care during the coronavirus outbreak
Christian Century: How can we accompany people through this valley of anxiety, fear, and death?
BBC: Is coronavirus coming between people and their faith?

US universities switch to online courses due to coronavirus
Al Jazeera: At least a dozen US universities, colleges cancel classes and move to online instruction amid coronavirus fears.

Are the Southern Baptists, America’s largest evangelical denomination, about to get even more conservative?
Religion Dispatches: There is perhaps no easier way to illustrate the history and present realities of white evangelicals’ pluralism problem than by turning to the Southern Baptist Convention.

Bread for the World taps Eugene Cho as new president
Religion News Service: Bread for the World, a prominent Christian advocacy group dedicated to ending hunger, has elected Seattle pastor and author the Rev. Eugene Cho as its new president.

The church keeps flip-flopping and we keep suffering*
Salt Lake Tribune: Brigham Young University amended its Honor Code to permit same-sex relationships, and then The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stated that same-sex relationships will not be tolerated at its schools.

The Spark

When language goes viral
How do innocuous words become insidious in the face of a public health emergency? JSTOR asks.

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