Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Jefferts Schori will not seek new term
  • Two views on Iraqi Christians
  • Faith & work in the energy sector
  • Bible debunker dies
  • A life of prayer
  • Quest to save the world's frogs

Episcopal Church’s Katharine Jefferts Schori will not seek re-electionReligion News Service: Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, the first woman elected to head a national branch of the worldwide Anglican Communion, announced Tuesday she will not seek a second nine-year term in office.

Christianity will live on in Iraq: Column USA Today: Any religion that speaks to our deepest needs cannot be kept at bay forever, no matter how virulent the oppression. It will always spring back as soon as it is given an opening, says David Skeel, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania.Patheos: Why Christians in Iraq won’t go back

Behind the career: Louis J. Hutchinson III, chief revenue officer WGL HoldingsWashington Post: Louis J. Hutchinson III explains how his work as a minister and PhD in theology influences his work in the energy industry.

Gerald A. Larue, religious scholar who debunked Bible stories, dies at 98 Washington Post: Gerald A. Larue, an ordained minister who became an agnostic, an archeologist, a religious scholar and a debunker of claims such as Lazarus rising from the dead and the discovery of Noah’s ark, died Sept. 17 in Newport Beach, Calif.

Figuring out a life of prayerABP News/Herald: The Rev. Amy Butler, senior pastor of Riverside Church in New York, reflects on her life of prayer and what it means.

The Spark

Epic search for the world’s lost frogsThe journey began with the discovery of a small black harlequin frog. It was supposed to have disappeared -- one of the hundreds of species of amphibians the world over that have succumbed to a fungus responsible for the greatest disease-caused loss of biodiversity in human history. Robin Moore, a photographer, author and conservationist, sought to find answers: What were these survivors among the carnage telling us? What clues did they hold that could help us stem the hemorrhaging of life from our planet?

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