Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Ray of hope in Dallas
  • Rise & fall of American seminaries
  • Division over Wheaton lawsuit
  • Church & mental health care
  • Synod gets crash course
  • Vegetable seller philanthropist

Church offers ray of hope in Dallas Ebola caseDallas Morning News: There's no lack of compassion in Dallas, Texas, for Thomas Eric Duncan or the Liberian-born woman he hoped to marry.ABP News/Herald: Dallas Baptist church supports Ebola family

The rise and fall of the American seminaryReligion News Service: Why is General Theological Seminary on the verge of collapse? For the same reason that historic churches and denominations are trapped in "train wrecks." Their time has passed, Tom Ehrich says.

Evangelical college's contraception lawsuit proves divisiveAljazeera: On Wheaton campus, some question whether battle over emergency birth control needs to be fought at all.

Doing small things with extraordinary love: Congregational care of people experiencing mental health problemsAustralian Broadcasting Corporation: Faithful mental health care emerges naturally when you begin by doing ordinary things with extraordinary love, John Swinton says.

Pope and prelates get crash course in joys of sexAssociated Press: Pope Francis, cardinals and bishops from around the world have gotten an unexpected lecture on the joys of sex, from a Catholic couple brought in to talk about what makes a marriage last.

The Spark

The Taiwanese vegetable seller turned philanthropistFor up to 18 hours a day, six days a week, 63-year-old Chen Shu-chu works at her vegetable stand in eastern Taiwan. But no matter how much money she makes, the BBC reports, she spends no more than a few dollars a day on herself so that she can give away the rest. Meet one of the world's most unlikely and humble philanthropists.

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