Wednesday's News & Ideas - 4/14/2021

  • Planned Parenthood clergy advisors
  • Resurge of death penalty
  • Democratic socialism & Christianity
  • Stress on educators of color
  • Nuclear protester sentence
  • Vision of abolition

Planned Parenthood announces new clergy advisory board members, many from red states
Religion News Service: ‘As a clergyperson who discovered my call to ministry within a Planned Parenthood, it was a no-brainer,’ said the Rev. Katey Zeh, who heads the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Why the death penalty came back*
Christian Century: When members of the Trump administration undertook to kill as many prisoners on federal death row as they could in the short time before they left office, they inadvertently highlighted the arbitrariness and capriciousness of the criminal justice system’s approach.

Why democratic socialism isn’t anti-Christian
Sojourners: The central political platforms of many democratic socialists emphasize equity within economic, health care, educational, housing, judicial, and other social systems.

How race-related stress could be driving educators of color away from the job
The Conversation: When teachers of color experience high levels of race-based stress in schools, they can also have an increasingly negative sense of belonging, according to new research.

Kings Bay Plowshares protester receives 21-month prison sentence
Crux: The judge also ordered Mark Colville, a member of the Catholic Worker Movement, to pay a share of the $33,503.51 the Navy said it cost to clean and repair the damage caused by the symbolic action against the nuclear weapons believed to be at the base.

The Spark

Abolition is a collective vision: An interview with Mariame Kaba
A conversation with activist Mariame Kaba at The Nation about how the pandemic has raised the stakes for the abolition movement,* collective care, and a world without prisons.

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