Wednesday's News & Ideas - 4/17/2019

  • Columbine and public religion
  • Women of religious right
  • US religious decline inevitable?
  • Taylor students protest VP
  • Benedict letter criticized
  • Jerusalem syndrome

How Columbine brought religion into public life
JSTOR: In the aftermath of 1999's Columbine massacre, American media and politicians focused on the secret world of delinquent youth and how they might be saved.

How prominent women built and sustained the religious right
Religion & Politics: Women like Beverly LaHaye positioned themselves against contemporary feminism and insisted that feminism did not represent the interests of all women.

Is religious decline inevitable in the United States?
Christianity Today: Current statistics about the secularization of American may come as a surprise.

Evangelical college students say they don't want Mike Pence to be their commencement speaker
ThinkProgress: The vice president is facing backlash from students and alumni who say he doesn't represent their Christian values.

German theologians blast Benedict's letter as 'failed and improper' account of abuse crisis
National Catholic Reporter: They say it "instrumentalized" the Catholic church's continuing crisis to rehash stale, decades-long theological disputes.

The Spark

The cities that need a warning label?
Some cities seem to inspire psychotic breaks so frequently among their visitors, mental health syndromes have been named after them. BBC delves into the so-called Jerusalem -- or Paris -- syndrome.

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