Wednesday's News & Ideas - 4/21/2021

  • Chauvin’s conviction
  • Anthea Butler’s book
  • Religious leaders & climate
  • Quebec’s ban upheld
  • Demographics leaving religion
  • Black horror genre

‘The struggle continues’: Faith leaders on Chauvin’s conviction
Sojourners: National faith leaders agreed that the verdict must be considered in the broader context of Floyd’s death.

White evangelical racism: An interview with Anthea Butler
Religion & Politics: “Racism is a feature, not a bug, of American evangelicalism,” she writes in her new book.

‘Within minutes I was weeping’: The US pastor using scripture to mobilize climate action
The Guardian: Religious leaders, who know how to relate to communities on an emotional level, may be best positioned to convince people to support climate activism, experts say.

Quebec’s ban on public religious symbols largely upheld*
The New York Times: The ruling exempts English-speaking schools and effectively allows provincial legislators to wear turbans or head scarves, but it angered civil liberties advocates as discriminatory.

It’s not just young white liberals who are leaving religion
FiveThirtyEight: Compared to the U.S. population overall, nonreligious Americans are younger and more Democratic-leaning. But the number of Americans who aren’t religious has surged in part because people in lots of demographic groups are disengaging from religion.

The Spark

Walkin’ while dead: On black horror and Wesley Brown’s “Tragic Magic”
Erica Vital-Lazare reads the present in a novel of the past at Lit Hub.

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