Wednesday's News & Ideas - 4/3/2019

  • Buttigieg's Christianity
  • Nun calls for sexual maturity
  • How to take criticism
  • Prof visits Mt. Athos
  • LGBT Catholic scholarship
  • Majumdar, fearless playwright

Mayor Pete Buttigieg's countercultural approach to Christianity is what America needs now
USA Today: He has stood out as a devoted Christian who is speaking against the dominance of the religious right in the public square.

Canadian nun, sexologist: Catholics must increase their sexual maturity
Crux: A Canadian nun with a Ph.D. in clinical sexology said the sex abuse crisis in the church does not mean "the end of faith" but rather "the end of a lack of formation."

How to take criticism well
Harvard Business Review: Sabina Nawaz offers how she learned to be resilient when being criticized. "This enabled me to stand my ground and take actions that benefited the organization, not just my self-worth," she says.

Athens in pieces: The happiest man I've ever met
The New York Times: What is it like to be a monk? Professor Simon Critchley spent three days in Greece's revered 'Holy Mountain' monastery to find out.

Couple creates a new scholarship for L.G.B.T. Catholics
America: Two plaintiffs in the 2015 Supreme Court case that legalized same-sex marriage in the United States recently announced the creation of an endowed scholarship that will support Catholic students who identify as L.G.B.T.

The Spark

Abhishek Majumdar: The playwright fighting death threats with ice cream
His plays get banned and shadowy figures follow him in the street. But Abhishek Majumdar will not be silenced. The Guardian meets with the fearless writer.

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