Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • At ease with violence
  • Welby on Anglican Communion
  • Bishops: end fossil fuel use
  • #blacklivesmatter Sunday
  • Beer, hot wings & Jesus
  • Geography of happiness

After Ferguson: America must abandon "sick Christianity" at ease with violenceReligion Dispatches: Our present moment is not about the occasional killing of black men, or about poor training of police officers. It is about violence, says Willie James Jennings.

Archbishop Justin Welby: 'There is a possibility that we will not hold together'Religion News Service: In an interview, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby predicted that the Anglican Communion might not hold together because of disagreements on the ordination of women as bishops and full rights for LGBT people.

Global group of Catholic bishops call for end to fossil fuelsBBC: Catholic bishops from around the world are calling for an end to fossil fuel use and increased efforts to secure a global climate treaty.

Churches ask congregants to wear black on #blacklivesmatter SundayWashington Post: Many African American churches this Sunday will hold special services focused on black men, policing and the theme "black lives matter." Congregants are urged to wear black and to pray for the black men in their community.

Beer, hot wings and Jesus? Hoover church plans Sunday service at Buffalo Wild WingsThe Birmingham (Ala.) News: Beer, hot wings and Jesus? Some people think it's a theological mix worth trying.

The Spark

The geography of happiness: where Americans are happiest and whyThe United States was founded so people could pursue happiness, but some places seem to do a better job of it than others, Fast Company reports. According to new research, there's a big difference between the happiest and least happy places in the country.

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