Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • How to tell your organization's story
  • Christians in US make up own theology
  • Cross a turnoff for TV viewers

Tell the story as if your life depends on it. On Philanthropy: Ask yourself, “If my organization ceased to exist tomorrow, what would happen to the world?”

Most US Christians define own theology. Christian Science Monitor: Most US faithful look more to themselves than to churches to define their religious convictions, according to two recent surveys.

It’s a lovely church, shame about the cross, say TV crew. The Times (London): Rector says TV producers hid altar cross in wedding scene for fear of offending viewers.

Sing Sing Seminary. Religion & Ethics Weekly: It’s a seminary where the students are serving an average of 15 years to life.

The Spark

Barack's Rock. The Rev. Joseph Lowery says the Democratic Party can take credit, but it wasn’t them who made white Southerners vote for Barack Obama. “God did it. God was in the plan. Nobody else could have gotten these white folks to vote for a Negro named Barack Obama.” A breathing testament to the nation's journey from the rule of Jim Crow to the presidency of Barack Obama, Lowery will give the closing prayer at Obama’s inaugural ceremony. According to a profile in the Washington Post, Lowery is one of the few Americans with the authority to place the young president-elect's narrative in the context of civil rights history.