Wednesday's News & Ideas - 5/20/2015

  • Religion will dominate 21st century
  • Churches inflicted pain on themselves
  • John M. Templeton, Jr., has died
  • Anti-poverty program that works
  • Country music and God
  • Industrial Light & Magic at 40

Why religion will dominate the 21st century
The Week: The 20th century was probably the high point of secularization, while the 21st century will likely be dominated by religion, argues Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry.
Voice of America: Survey: Islam will become world’s largest religion in 2070

5 ways churches inflicted pain on themselves
Religion News Service: Christianity isn’t in trouble at all. Churches are in trouble. Denominations are in trouble. Religious institutions like seminaries are in trouble. Professional church leaders are in trouble. But whether or not our churches stay open for business, God will keep on loving all that God has made, writes Tom Ehrich.

John M. Templeton Jr., philanthropist devoted to science and religion, dies at 75
Washington Post: John M. Templeton Jr., a pediatric surgeon who left medicine behind to carry on his father’s passion for pursuing “new spiritual information” through the sciences as president and chairman of the Templeton Foundation, has died.

An anti-poverty program that really works
Pacific Standard: A new study finds that aid and training do the trick.

Inside country music's conflicted relationship with religion
Rolling Stone: With country in the midst of a never-ending keg party, how does a genre rooted in God keep its Savior in the mix?

The Spark

The untold story of ILM, a titan that forever changed film
As the young George Lucas had conceived it, Star Wars was a film that literally couldn’t be made; the technology required to bring the movie’s universe to visual life simply didn’t exist. So he helped invent it. This created a new generation of special effects and launched Industrial Light & Magic, a legendary company that would change the course of the movie business.

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