Wednesday's News & Ideas - 5/29/2019

  • McCarrick letters
  • Graham’s prayers for Trump
  • American LGBTQ Muslims
  • Russian church boom
  • Jesuits vs. for-profit prison
  • Community ticketing?

Newly released letters shine light on McCarrick allegations
Religion News Service: The emails are the latest in a bevy of leaks, letters and reports painting an increasingly convoluted picture of who knew what, and when.

Franklin Graham calls for ‘day of prayer’ to shield Trump from enemies
HuffPost: The prominent evangelical supporter of President Donald Trump is calling for Christians across the country to set aside this Sunday as a “special day of prayer” for the president.

In a survey of American Muslims, 0% identified as lesbian or gay. Here's the story behind that statistic
CNN: Inclusive mosques have struggled to find consistent congregants in recent years, and many have closed down.

Russians are not waiting for a church boom
The Moscow Times: On May 26, Patriarch Kirill announced that the Orthodox Church is building around three churches a day on average, or what amounts to 30,000 churches in 10 years.

How the Jesuits got a for-profit detention center company to report human rights abuses
America: Jesuits West bought a small number of shares in GEO nine years ago with the intention of influencing corporate policy and standards.

The Spark

What if more people could issue parking tickets?
Washington, D.C. is considering training a group of residents to give tickets for some parking violations, CityLab says. Would it make streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists?

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