Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • A word from the vicar’s wife
  • Radical Feminist Pirate, RIP
  • Epiphany in Europe
  • Re Brit: It’s what evangelicals do
  • More on the virtual world
  • Three questions

A vicar’s wife: ‘There is no one to fight for us’The (London) Times:  Noting an increasingly ‘ignorant and boorish contempt’ for clergy, British pastor’s wife not surprised by union effort. Washington Post: Results of polls on job satisfaction are at oddsMary Daly, pioneering feminist who tussled with BC, dies at 81Boston Globe:  Theologian used words to challenge the basic precepts of the Catholic Church and Boston College, where she was on the faculty for more than 30 years.Europe celebrates end of ChristmasSpiegel:  Europeans mark Epiphany with traditions ranging from processions of kings to brave souls diving into icy waters.Don't be surprised at Brit Hume's exhortation for Tiger to convertNewsweek, The Gaggle blog:  Lisa Miller says the outrage is disproportionate.Politics Daily:  Maybe Brit Hume should preach Buddhism Church ... virtuallyChristianity Today: Why internet campuses are making us reconsider our assumptions about ministry.Sojourners blog:  Why N.T. Wright is wrong about social media

The Spark

Before you gossip, ask yourself this ...The three questions have been around for centuries, attributed to Socrates and Buddhist teachings, and linked to the tenets of Christianity and the Jewish prohibition on "lashon hara," or evil language. But now, in an age of cultural shrillness and unrestrained Internet rumor-mongering, these questions are finding new adherents. In schools, workplaces, churches, therapy groups -- and at kitchen tables -- they are being used to temper our human impulse to gossip:  "Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?"